British Dodgeball launch new-look Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Dodgeball

The original British Dodgeball Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Dodgeball was the most advanced dodgeball-specific coaching course in the world, running from 2018-2020. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Level 1 and Level 2 courses were redesigned to ensure that the gaps in both sport-specific knowledge of professional sports coaches and coach delivery knowledge of community and university club players were more effectively taught. The Level 3 is the final course to receive a redesign in line with the British Dodgeball Coach Progression Pathway Map, and British Dodgeball is proud to announce that the new Level 3 will launch in 2 locations on the 2nd July 2022 (Day 1 – Manchester or Bedford) and 21st January 2023 (Day 2 – virtual).

How Has The Course Been Improved?

The Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Dodgeball now contains a range of modules which will help to build the complete dodgeball coach. It has been designed to be particularly relevant for international coaches, club head coaches and advanced practitioners with a range of modules on developing coaching practice through implementing learning theory, developing better connections with players and other stakeholders, refining tactical understanding, effectively managing a team of coaches and developing a dodgeball curriculum which will lead to long-term improvements in players. As such, we recommend that all British Dodgeball member clubs have at least one Level 3 coach leading their coaching team.

The full breakdown of modules is below:

1 – Coaching Theory1.1 – Knowledge Types
1.2 – Utilising Learning Theory
Pre-course Learning – Online
2 – Improving Others2.1 – Effective Communication
2.2 – Setting Goals
Pre-course Learning – Online
2.3 – Coach ManagementCourse Day 1 – Theory
3 – Your Philosophy3.1 – Coaching PhilosophyCourse Day 1 – Theory
4 – Coaching Dodgeball4.1 – Advanced Tactical Application
4.2 – Long Term Player Development
Course Day 1 – Theory
4.3 – Physical Conditioning
4.4 – Delivery & Providing Effective Feedback
Course Day 1 – Practical
5 – Experiential Learning5.1 – Assignment BriefCourse Day 1 – Theory
5.2 – Experiential Learning30 hours between Day 1 & Day 2 – Practical
5.3 – Presentation
5.4 – Questions & Discussion
Course Day 2 – Online
6 – Self-Reflection6.1 – Reflective LogOnline – Post-Course Reflection

What Is The Course Structure?

The course takes approximately 43 hours to complete over a 6-month period, consisting of a blend of online pre-course learning which includes activities such as the one below regarding setting SMART goals to aid developing a deeper understanding of content:

You’ll then cover the content above in the form of face to face theoretical discussion and practical activity on Course Day 1. This includes modules such as Long Term Player Development, which outlines how you can use the British Dodgeball Player Development Framework as a guide to create your own medium and long-term plans in order to see sustained improvement from your players:

From there, each participant chooses a player, team or team of coaches to work with for a period of 30 hours and sets mutually-agreed goals in order to create a development plan and map the journey of their improvement as you focus on developing their physical, mental or holistic skills. You will have regular check-ins with your tutor during this time to discuss specific parts of your coaching practice. Finally, your journey is presented on Course Day 2, leading to some further self-reflection.

How Do I Book To Attend The Course?

You nee to first have completed the British Dodgeball Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Dodgeball and have a regular session where you can undertake your experiential learning. You can then book to attend the Level 3 course by either purchasing your place on the British Dodgeball website, or by emailing should you prefer to pay via invoice.

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