Dodgeball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK with Active Lives data ranking dodgeball as the 4th most participated sport in English schools and the 5th in Welsh schools. With over half of young people attending further and higher education institutions after completing school we know that college dodgeball is on the rise.

Through consultation with the Association of Colleges Sport we have discovered that colleges are keen to arrange informal matches between themselves. The purpose of the College Dodgeball Toolkit is to support colleges to do so with advice on equipment, rules and match formats.

It is recommended that college students play with official British Dodgeball approved size 3 cloth dodgeballs. These can be purchased via British Dodgeball or at Bishop Sports & Leisure.

British Dodgeball have developed a 2 page Quick Start Rules document that is easy to pick up and start playing quickly. British Dodgeball Quick Start Rules.

Whether it is a Home/Away fixture, a small 3-4 team event or a larger event involving 5+ teams our British Dodgeball College Match Formats have got you covered.

You can find other colleges across the UK that are delivering dodgeball on a recreational or competitive basis by visiting the map below. We’re keen to show all colleges that have an interest in dodgeball on the map. This could be a college that has students completing our official British Dodgeball Qualifications, have a drop in lunchtime session or are playing competitively against other colleges. If you would like your college on the map please get in touch via with your college name, contact details and a little bit about the dodgeball you do.

British Dodgeball