Dodgeball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK with Active Lives data ranking dodgeball as the 4th most participated sport in English schools and the 5th in Welsh schools. With over half of young people attending further and higher education institutions after completing school we know that college dodgeball is on the rise.

The purpose of the British Dodgeball College Dodgeball offer that you will find in the sections below is to put a platform in place that enables dodgeball to grow and develop within the sector. We aim to engage more colleges in dodgeball, whether that is to increase activity levels, to gain qualifications and experience or even to develop a team to compete in events.

We recommend that in order to get started with dodgeball at your college you are going to need somebody in place or a group of people to take the lead and coordinate getting everything started.

This could be a staff member, student or a group consisting of more than one person. Setting up some new activity could even be done as part of a course, as many transferable skills will be required. The experience gained will be very beneficial.

Perhaps advertise for a dodgeball ambassador/leader to get the ball rolling. If you need any further support you can contact British Dodgeball via [email protected]


To play dodgeball safely and correctly at college in any setting you need to be using the correct equipment. Official Size 3 cloth dodgeballs are the only recommended dodgeball for colleges and we have a special offer to get you started. Contact [email protected] to place your first order.


In order to encourage more engagement with colleges British Dodgeball is offering all colleges free membership of the organisation. Becoming a member college of British Dodgeball provides us with the opportunity to better understand your needs for dodgeball at your college and how we can further support you.

All you need to do to become a member of British Dodgeball is purchase free College Membership from the dropdown on the product page Membership.


The following resources have been designed in order to support you to get started and introduce dodgeball within your college.


We want to support you to develop your sessions and grow participation in dodgeball at your college so please feel free to get in touch with our Social Media Manager [email protected] to share your story. We also have a bank of images that you are free to download and use to promote dodgeball at your college.

Completing any of our leadership, refereeing or coaching qualifications will provide students with new skills, confidence and experience that will support future employment.

Students on a coaching course at college can benefit from completing our half day Level 1 or full day Level 2 British Dodgeball Coaching Qualification in order to gain the necessary qualification to deliver dodgeball as part of their course. Students can build up their hours of coaching experience by delivering dodgeball in their local area at a club, at the college or even within the local school network.

Completing the refereeing aspects of our leadership courses provide students with the necessary skills to support both intra and inter college and school dodgeball events. As part of our primary school competition pathway we are working with partner colleges across the U.K. to train college leaders to support the delivery of our events. Contact our Youth Development Manager to find out more [email protected]

Face to Face Training

Leadership Qualification – £250

Our leadership workshop can be delivered to any college group. Our experienced instructors can tailor the practical course to the needs of the specific group over 3 hours in the sports hall. Leaders will learn the importance of health & safety, basic dodgeball skills, communication, an introduction to coaching, an introduction to refereeing and understand the rules of the sport.

Contact [email protected] to book a course.

British Dodgeball Level 1 Coaching Award –
Online: £60pp (£40pp group discount)
Face to Face: £40pp

It is our belief at British Dodgeball that the training we provide will enable coaches and those working with groups to empower people from all different walks of life to be healthy, active and enjoy the full benefits of sport and physical activity. Our Level 1 Coaching Award not only provides candidates with a knowledge of the sport, but also on how to work with different participants, how to be inclusive and provides an understanding of the importance of a positive well-being, improving self-esteem and taking part. This short 4-5 hour course is only available as a one off course to groups.

Contact [email protected] to book a course.

British Dodgeball Level 2 Coaching Award – £120pp

Our Level 2 course is an 8 hour practical course that is perfect for anyone wishing to coach dodgeball within their community at clubs, at schools or within the college. You do not need to have completed the Level 1 course to sign up. Going into more detail than the Level 1, participants will understand dodgeball rules and game play, core skills of the sport, coaching, variations and inclusive practices, refereeing, planning and delivery and evaluating and concluding.

Contact [email protected] to book a course.

Online Training

Introduction to Dodgeball

This online self-learning course gives an introduction to the correct rules, equipment and sporting code used in dodgeball. It will also help you consider how to lead safe sessions and coach the basic skills of dodgeball.

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Introduction to Coaching Dodgeball

This online self-learning course is ideal for players who know the sport and now wish to begin their coaching journey. It gives an introduction to coaching approaches used in dodgeball as well as training on planning and delivering effectively to groups of people.

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Our aim is to provide a competitive pathway for college dodgeball teams that is similar to our University offer. We will begin in the 2020/21 academic year by providing an opportunity for introductory regional open competitions in areas of particular demand. Beyond this we anticipate the number of events will grow into a sustainable competitive pathway for college dodgeball.

All our events will host either male, female or mixed categories, dependent on demand.

For further enquiries please contact [email protected]

Below is a timeline of how colleges and British Dodgeball can progress the competition pathway.

Step 1 - Participation

Playing the game and developing some participation activities are the first step towards the introduction of a college dodgeball team at your college.
Some colleges may already be at this stage.

Step 2 - Regional Open/Festival

We have already supported AOC Sport to deliver college dodgeball
festivals and we will continue to do so in partnership. We will also be introducing our own regional open events that will involve professional referees and enhance that competitive opportunity.

Step 3 - Regional League

Beyond the regional open phase and into the 2021/22 season we will set up regional leagues in areas of high demand. Regional leagues will work best when there are at least 6 colleges in a region that have teams. As with our university offer, regional leagues provide a sustainable future for dodgeball.

Step 4 - National Event

The ambition will be for there to be a National College Dodgeball Championships for male, female and mixed categories. National Championships will be introduced once there are at least four regions of the U.K. participating in College Opens and Leagues.

British Dodgeball