Covid-19 Return to Play Update

We would like to thank everyone for their patience as we waited for more confirmation on what the announcements yesterday mean for dodgeball. It is now possible for us to provide you with the following updates:
  • Adults can continue to take part in outdoor organised dodgeball in groups of more than 6 provided they follow our Return to Play guidance.
  • From 24th September organised indoor dodgeball for adults can continue to take place with larger numbers present, provided groups of six do not mix.
  • Full 6 aside dodgeball matches cannot take place. The maximum you can play is 3aside. However, groups of 6 cannot mix within a session so you could not play a 3 v 3 round robin or tournament for example.
  • There is no change for organised indoor dodgeball for under 18’s, please continue to follow our return to play guidance.
  • The British Dodgeball adult and university league and event season in England is postponed until further notice.
  • There is no change to the British Dodgeball junior league and event season although local lockdowns may impact this.
  • All British Dodgeball Coach Education is still permitted to go ahead. We are confirming any amendments required at the moment.
  • We have confirmation from Sport Scotland that there are no current changes to our Return to Play.
  • There are also no changes to our Return to Play in Northern Ireland and Wales at this time.
These restrictions are of course disappointing for us all and we hope are short lived, but the health and safety of our players is of upmost priority. We will of course be providing more updates when they are made available to us. We will also provide an infographic later on today highlighting the new restrictions in place on how these impact dodgeball.
You can find and read our Return to Play guidance for your specific country within the UK here:
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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