Girls Dodge Too! University Webinar

On Wednesday 22nd September 2021, we hosted a Girls Dodge Too! university webinar, focused on how to increase female dodgeball participation at university level. It featured guests such as Lizzie Rodulson and Aqeilah Khan, 2 of our GDT! Ambassadors who have both played dodgeball at university level, and Evie Ford who has experience of university dodgeball as well as extensive marketing tips and tricks! The webinar covered:

  • Come Join In: A player’s journey
  • Marketing strategies
  • Successful sessions
  • Competitive opportunities
  • University case studies: GDT! Ambassadors + guests
The webinar provided an excellent opportunity to listen to others about what has worked well for them in addition to looking into how we can all provide a varied playing menu to attract all levels of female student athlete.

Click here to download the webinar slides.


Evie’s notes from her section about marketing can be found below:
Top tips:
  • Have medals out on your Freshers’ stand
  • Use Facebook events
  • Ensure your marketing secretary has a budget
  • Vary your content and try to post at least once a week
  • Follow people on Instagram who play other sports at the uni
  • Make posters and put them up around uni (e.g. in the uni Costa on their community noticeboard)
  • Try to get links with local clubs to help boost numbers of women at sessions

If you want to find out more or talk to someone about increasing female participation at your university, contact Alice or the Girls Dodge Too! Ambassadors.

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