Girls Dodge Too

Girls Dodge Too! is our new Sport England funded project that will offer more opportunities for women and girls to not only play dodgeball but to keep doing so for years to come. From our 2020 survey we discovered that over a third of our members dodgeball clubs want to develop or introduce new women and girls club sessions, and in turn enter more female teams into leagues and events.

The initial Girls Dodge Too! project in England will engage over 300 women and girls of all ages and give them a fun experience of dodgeball that will keep them coming back for more.

Project Aims

Provide more women and girls with the opportunity to try dodgeball in a fun and relaxed environment and ensure that the experience they have is positive.

Provide participants with a progression pathway to allow them to progress from the taster sessions to regular club sessions through local festivals, leadership courses and a national festival.

Showcase the amazing women and girls we have within the sport and inspire more women and girls to play.

Empower our Girls Dodge Too! Ambassadors and utilise their skills throughout the project to ensure it is a success.

About the Project

As the initial project is funded by Sport England the project is focused on 8 areas of England, highlighted with the ambassador information below. Areas have been selected due to a particular high demand for dodgeball in those areas, insight gained from Sport England and Youth Sport Trust data 2019/20.

In each area our ambassadors will deliver sessions, attend festivals and promote the opportunities to local women and girls. In each area there will be a total of 8 taster sessions with each session targeting a minimum of 10 new participants. The sessions will be delivered to both under 16 and 16+ groups.

Once the taster sessions have taken place there will be a leaders course delivered in each area that will be open to sign up from those that have attended the initial sessions. Participants will also be invited to attend a festival after the training has been delivered that will enable them to play dodgeball matches against other groups involved in the project.

The project will conclude with a national Girls Dodge Too! Festival that will be open to all those that have taken part in the project and even more experienced women and girls from the dodgeball community.

At all times throughout the project new participants will be signposted to local community clubs. Where one does not exist and there is demand, we will work with local partners to develop a new club.

Girls Dodge Too! Ambassadors

Find out more about our Girls Dodge Too! Ambassadors by clicking on their image below to view their biography and what they have to say about getting involved in the project.

Although the Sport England funded Girls Dodge Too! project focuses on 8 specific areas of England, that is not where Girls Dodge Too! ends. Our ambition is to empower more women and girls of all ages across the whole of the UK to get playing more dodgeball. Below are some downloadable resources, videos and ideas that will help you, your club and your community get involved in #GIRLSDODGETOO!


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