International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements from the political to the social. Here at British Dodgeball, we wanted the acknowledge and honour the women within the dodgeball community and find out what makes them proud to be a part of the dodgeball community and what inspires them within their team. These are just a few quotes from some truly inspirational, strong women within the sport of dodgeball;

“I started playing dodgeball 10 years ago and never could have imagined the strong friendships I have made, the incredible coaches I have had or the skills they have taught me. There are so many women in dodgeball that have inspired me to throw harder, jump higher and move quicker. With the support of amazing coaches like my first coach, Emily Walker, it is no surprise we see so much talent in our women’s teams.”

Helena – Manchester Bees

“I originally came into dodgeball through Enderby Dodgeball Club after transferring from Waterpolo. From day 1, I loved the sport and the atmosphere. Everyone in the sport is friendly and approachable. It’s forever growing. Although I had a few seasons out of playing, I never felt out of touch with the sport and when coming back it felt like I’d never been away. I think the part of dodgeball that inspires me the most is the team work not just from my club but clubs across the UK. Everyone is always trying to improve and strive to achieve their next goal.”

Meg – Nottingham Sheriffs

“I first started playing competitive dodgeball at University, when I was dragged to a ‘give it a go’ session by a friend who wanted to try it out. From that first session I was obsessed with the sport! I have met and played alongside many amazing women, all of which have brilliant skill and passion for the sport. Just over year ago that I decided to help set up a new club and I have loved every moment of it. Each member of the team brings something special on court, whether its crazy catches, powerful throws, team work or even attitude, they make the sport even more special for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Amie – Norwich Nighthawks

“I began playing dodgeball at University where I played for Derby Seahawks and I quickly became addicted. I fell in love with dodgeball as it’s fast, fun, a team sport, inclusive and I loved that it was a mixed gender sport. I had brilliant teammates who encouraged and motivated me to develop my skillset and aim high. I think this great sense of community and support empowered me, where I ended up playing in Super League and internationally. I am so proud of the women at my club, they always inspire me. We have a diverse group of women where they all include, support and celebrate each others achievements, both on and off court. They inspire me with how they have overcome adversity with personal issues they faced. They inspire me with the jobs they do such as working for local charities, the NHS and supporting young and vulnerable adults. They are just such strong, compassionate women who are brilliant role models. They motivate me to be the best leader and version of myself. I can say it’s a privilege to play with such amazing ladies and I am so proud to call them my teammates and friends.”

Jen – Derby Phantoms

“We were originally a club for women, set up by women. We have gone from strength to strength, and now have a fully inclusive open door policy since growing the club to include juniors and men. We are in a unique position in that our U16 group is all female apart from one player! Among teenage girls there can be huge pressures around body image, and sadly lots of teenage girls drop out of sports. The opposite is being seen at Griffins and we provide a supportive relaxed environment that encourages women and girls to keep active and be social. Our chosen club charity, Emmelines Pantry, supports vulnerable women in need. We are very proud of our achievements and to celebrate IWD.”

– Cheadle & Gatley Griffins

“I got into dodgeball at university as something fun to do on the side of my final year studies. Fast forward a couple of years, and I’d made it onto the Republic of Ireland team and joined London Storm, both of which ignited my competitive spirit. Now a couple more years down the line and I’m in the middle of my first season as Captain of the Women 2s team, as well as being the Treasurer of the club. What started off as “something fun to do on the side” has grown into a passion which has developed my fitness, strategic and leadership skills, as well as given me some of the best friends and team-mates I could’ve asked for.”

Kay – London Storm

“I first started playing dodgeball when I was at the University of Winchester in 2011. I wanted to try something new and ended up falling in love with the sport quickly becoming an active member of the dodgeball community in the UK. Playing both at club level and internationally has opened up so many opportunities for me over the years, from personal skill development to expanding our sports community within Hampshire. Dodgeball brings out the best in both myself and the women around me; it gives us the confidence to be strong, aggressive and tactical, all whilst building friendships and bonds along the way. At Wessex Wolves we’d love to see more women join in! Dodgeball is such a great sport for strength, fitness, and coordination to name a few skills… I wholely encourage anyone who has thought about giving dodgeball a go to do so!”

Kelly – Wessex Wolves

“I got into Dodgeball while at University some 11 years ago in 2009 at a time where there wasn’t as many women’s teams as there is now. It’s inspiring to see so many girls and women taking up the sport, to see teams developing and flourishing. Having played at all levels, university, club and country what inspires me the most is my teammates. As Bedford Eagles women’s team we have achieved amazing things since the club was formed back in 2013 we have won 6 consecutive league titles, Nationals 4 times and numerous tournaments. The women’s team really is a dominate force within the club. For England the grit and determination of all the women’s players saw us become World Champions. I have no doubt Bedford Eagles and England will win multiple titles in the future and that comes down to the amazing women that play the sport. The women I play with and against really inspire me to be the best player I can be.”

Charlotte – Bedford Mighty Eagles

“I was never a ‘sporty’ girl growing up but when I began university I decided to try something different. Dodgeball. And I didn’t look back. After graduating from university I joined the newly formed Bedford Rangers. Playing dodgeball has allowed my confidence to increase and given me the power to stand on court and lead an amazing group of ladies. Whether we win or lose, we enjoy the game! We’re more than friends, we’re a family!”

Laura – Bedford Rangers

“I started dodgeball at university. I went along to a social with some friends and had no intention of ever playing the sport. But I met a girl there who was really friendly and convinced me to come to a session to boost the number of women. Fast-forward 8 years and we’re both still hooked on the sport, and she’s one of my best friends. I take inspiration from those around me, mainly my housemates and teammates – my competitive nature means I don’t like to be outdone!”

Karen – Leamington Spartans

It is truly inspirational to hear so many women’s dodgeball journeys and achievements within the sport. We will continue to celebrate these accomplishments within British Dodgeball.

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