Members Update – December 2023


Our development team is pleased to be able to provide you with this update on our Club Development Strategy that has been compiled in response to feedback given via member consultation.

Member consultation is again at the forefront of our decision making in respect to the future development of the sport- in this case the proposed club membership requirements.

The purpose of this update document is to outline the results of member feedback and outline the British Dodgeball Management Committee and development staff response and updated plans for the formation of a strategy which ensures improved club sustainability, leading to a future where dodgeball clubs can thrive in the UK.

Please here to read the full update.



We are pleased to share our most recent on university dodgeball. Created using data taken from our Higher Education Dodgeball Activators (HEDA’s), we have summarised how recruitment has gone in the new academic year, observed successful recruitment strategies, defined the impact of the HEDA scheme and explained how British Dodgeball will provide universities with further support. 

University Dodgeball Update



We have recently completed our Dodgeball in the City project, supported by Sport England Small Grants funding – you can read more about this below. We have also looking forward to the launch of 2 new clubs which have been supported by our Come Join In fund. If you have a big or small project idea, then please get in touch so that we can look to support.

Dodgeball in the City

Come Join In Funding – Latest News



We have an amazing opportunity still available for 4 members of the British Dodgeball Community to join the Board of Directors at British Dodgeball. If you’re passionate about the future of dodgeball and interested in playing a part in the formation of strategies that are going to shape the next period in the sport then we encourage you to apply for one of the 4 positions highlighted below. 

As well as being a voice for dodgeball this opportunity will enable you to enhance your skills, raise your profile in your professional career and work with a wide range of people and talents. 

We’re looking for individuals who support our vision to ‘inspire generations and communities to experience the benefits of playing dodgeball’ for the long-term success of British Dodgeball and the sport. 

Participant Representative – England

Participant Representative – Scotland

Participant Representative – Wales

Participant Representative – Northern Ireland

The role of Participant Representative is a voluntary role with all reasonable travel and subsistence expenses fully reimbursed.

Time commitment: Typically 4 board meetings/year + approx. 8 flexible hours/month. 

Term: 3 years (maximum of 2 terms)

Location: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Closing date for applications: Monday 11th December 2023

To find out more click on the link below or email if you have any questions about the role.

Board Recruitment – Participant Representatives



We are giving away 5 sets of dodgeballs to individuals that sign up for our Level 1 & 2 Coaching Package between now and the 31st December! Plus, organisations booking a private course, or a group of 5 or more, will be in the running to win 2 sets of 10 dodgeballs. You can see upcoming Level 2 courses for 2024 at the link below – organisations can email us to book and be invoiced should they prefer.

Upcoming Level 2 Courses



The technical committee has made the following rules & regulations changes in the most recent 1.5 December update. Once again, we’d like to thank members for sending in their questions and feedback, as this has directly helped us to understand how we can better clarify wordings for players, referees, coaches and spectators. We hope that the majority of the start-of-season fine-tuning is now completed and these updates will take place less frequently than once a month as we understand things can be hard to keep track of. Feedback and questions are still absolutely welcomed however – simply email and we’ll aim to respond as quickly as possible.

Rules Update Summary:

  • Updated play ball rules so that referees should not start their 5-second burden count as long as retrievers are putting balls back on court at least at walking speed. Referees should hold the ‘Play X Balls’ call if a team looks like they will make an attempt in the next 2 seconds. If the retriever stops advancing towards balls or the court to retrieve them at this speed, then they referee should start their count. These small changes have been added to help games progress more smoothly, after observing exact counts and timings from footage of a variety of matches.
  • Updated loss of control when blocking rules, to clear up what dispossessed players can and cannot do. Essentially, all that a dispossessed player can do is save the ball they lost control of. Any physical contact with another ball before they make this play (even if they catch said ball) would confirm the player being out.
  • Updated hit players to clear up what hit players can and cannot do.

Regulations Update Summary:

  • Added section on team conduct whilst not playing: Teams should respect venues and not throw balls in corridors etc., as this can jeopardise future bookings at the venue for all of the dodgeball community.
  • Regional Leagues are now open to informal groups as well as affiliated clubs. In efforts to provide Sport For All and to align to our recently announced Club Development Strategy, this competition is becoming more inclusive. British Dodgeball Club Membership is no longer needed to compete in our Regional Leagues.


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