Playing Registration

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Playing Registration

If you wish to compete in any British Dodgeball events for a university team or community club, then you must first register as a player and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct by creating a British Dodgeball Just Go account.

There are a few points to note:

  1. Anyone aged below 16 must have a parent or guardian create their account for them.
  2. Anyone aged 16-18 may create their own account with their parent or guardian’s permission.
  3. University Students: University students who are exclusively competing in the BUCS Dodgeball leagues must become student members in order to compete. University students who wish to play at any British Dodgeball adult or university events will need to purchase British Dodgeball Playing Membership.
  4. Junior Players: It is not compulsory for under 18’s who are competing solely in junior events to get Playing Membership, but they must register as a player. Any under 18’s who wish to play at any British Dodgeball adult events will need to purchase British Dodgeball Membership.
  5. First-Time Players: Players who are competing in their very first British Dodgeball event do not need to purchase Adult Playing Membership in order to compete. Anyone playing in subsequent events must purchase British Dodgeball Playing Membership before they take part.

Primary and Additional Clubs

In order to help members develop new clubs whilst supporting existing ones, members may sign up for an Additional Club along with their Primary Club. Providing both clubs and British Dodgeball give consent (on a case-by-case basis), players will be able to represent an additional club in different competitions to their primary club, e.g.

  • A player may play for a national league division 1 team for club A, and support new club B’s development by playing for them in the regional leagues.
  • A junior player may play for club C in the under 13’s league, and pick up additional experience by playing for club D in the under 15’s league (if club C is not competing in this age category).

The idea behind this is to support the development of the sport by ensuring new clubs have the confidence to enter competitions and established clubs remain sustainable.

This is closely regulated by the Technical Committee; not just any player can join any additional club without good reason. To request to join an additional club, please follow the process outlined in the British Dodgeball Regulations, including completing an Additional Club Request Form. No requests can be presumed until official confirmation is provided.

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Data Protection Information

Information you give to us shall be stored in line with British Dodgeball’s privacy policy and not shared with any other parties. The information will not be used for a discriminatory purpose, and will only be used for 1) ensuring eligibility in competitions in line with the British Dodgeball Rules and Regulations and 2) data-gathering purposes in order to further develop the sport of dodgeball. You can change your personal information by emailing

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