Playing Registration

Have any questions about membership or playing registration? Email us at [email protected]

Playing Registration - Adults

If you wish to compete in any British Dodgeball events for an adult community, you must become a member of British Dodgeball and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct first. All you need to do is fill out the form on the British Dodgeball Membership page

If you’re a club manager and looking to submit a bulk player registration for your members, please use the following link (Google account required): Bulk Registration Form

If you are a young person aged 15+ playing for an adult community club, you will need to register via the website with parental permission.

If you’re already signed up to our site, you can review and edit your details via your online profile here.

All events after the 15th September 2021 require compulsory membership. Adult membership is not required to compete in the Summer Return to Play Events.

Primary and Secondary Community Clubs - Explained

In order to help members develop new clubs whilst supporting existing ones, members may now sign up for a Secondary club along with their Primary one. Providing both clubs and British Dodgeball give consent (on a case-by-case basis), players will be able to represent a secondary club in different competitions to their primary club.

E.g. A player may play for a national league division 1 team for club A, and support new club B’s development by playing for them in the regional leagues.

A junior player may play for club C in the under 14’s league, and pick up additional experience by playing for club D in the under 16’s league (where club C has not entered).

The idea behind this is not to lead to teams ‘cherry-picking’ the best players, but to support the development of the sport by ensuring new clubs have the confidence to enter competitions and established clubs remain sustainable. If you would like to be considered for a Secondary club after filling out this form, please email [email protected] for adults and [email protected] for juniors.

Better with Membeship

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Playing Registration - Juniors

Young people playing for Junior clubs must also register in order to play at British Dodgeball events, but the registration process is slightly different. Those playing in any junior age categories must complete the junior registration from. If you are a young person aged 15+ playing for an adult community club, you will need to register via the website with parental permission. If you are playing in both a junior age category and adult community events you will need to register using both methods

Clubs should download the below excel document, completing all information for each young person, and then submit it to [email protected] before they play their first event of the season.

Please only submit a bulk registration once you have more than 6 players to register (if you have less than this players should register individually using the form below), and only once you have all details completed. This form can be resubmitted throughout the season to add additional players as required.

Bulk Playing Registration Template

Please do not register young people via the website.

Individual parents/guardians looking to register their young person can also use the below form, or via the button.

Data Protection Information

Information you give to us shall be stored in line with British Dodgeball’s privacy policy and not shared with any other parties. The information will not be used for a discriminatory purpose, and will only be used for 1) ensuring eligibility in competitions in line with the British Dodgeball Rules and Regulations and 2) data-gathering purposes in order to further develop the sport of dodgeball. You can change your personal information by emailing [email protected].

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