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  • £15.00 now, and £15.00 on September 1st each year

    If you are purchasing membership for the purposes of player registration, please complete the below form and submit it before purchasing. You do not need to complete or submit the form if you are only purchasing membership to support British Dodgeball.

    If you are only looking to register as a player under one of the exempt classes that don’t require membership (see here for more details), please fill out the form and submit it without making a purchase.

    If you’re a club manager and looking to submit a bulk player registration for your members, please use the following link (Google account required): Bulk Registration Form

    If you have any questions about membership before signing up, please email us at [email protected]

    A physical membership pack will be coming your way after purchase, so please ensure your shipping address is set correctly at checkout!

  • £0.00 for 1 year

    Please complete both the form and Sign Up!

  • £60.00 now, and £60.00 on September 1st each year

    Please remember to complete the membership form found below before paying!

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