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£60.00 now, and £60.00 on September 1st each year

Please remember to complete the membership form found below before paying!

First payment: September 1, 2021

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Club membership at British Dodgeball is open to all clubs that have a designated contact and training venue. All teams competing in British Dodgeball leagues and clubs that are competing in opens on a regular basis must belong to a British Dodgeball member club for the current season. The British Dodgeball season begins in September.

There are two options for club membership. Standard membership and premium club membership with the big difference being that premium membership provides the affiliated club with public liability insurance for the season. Each club will receive an insurance certificate upon request.

Each member club forms part of a wider British Dodgeball team that works together to support the sport of dodgeball on a local, regional and national level.

If you would like your club to become a member of British Dodgeball please complete the short form below and make the necessary payment. For university clubs only, we are able to invoice you for club membership if required (please contact us via [email protected])

Benefits of Club Membership:

  • Eligibility to enter teams into British Dodgeball leagues
  • Member-only discount from our official apparel partner on club kit
  • £10 off an order of tape + free delivery on orders over £50 on Gladiator tape from our official partner, NO 1 Packaging
  • Discount on trophies from our official trophy supplier, Pro Sport Trophies
  • Access to the British Dodgeball Club Competition Service
  • Public Liability Insurance for your club – premium membership only
  • Expert support for your club: See our Club Support here!
  • Access to future club guidance and training via our online learning courses

Please complete the below membership form first, and if you have any questions about membership, please get in touch via [email protected]

Please read our full membership terms and conditions for more information.

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