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Coaches Membership – £20/year:

If you would like to become a coaching member of British Dodgeball, then please complete the necessary payment. British Dodgeball membership is open to all coaches without discrimination. Please note that only the person in receipt of Coach Membership can access discounts and benefits. Please therefore ensure that individuals purchase coaching membership separately through the site or email [email protected] if you wish to purchase coaching membership for multiple people.

Please read our full membership terms and conditions for more information.


Coaches Accreditation:

Coaching Accreditation Requirements and Benefits Guide: 20-21 Season

The British Dodgeball Coaching Accreditation is available for self-employed sports coaches.

Price: £100 for year 1, with an annual renewal fee of £50

Benefits of Coaches Accreditation:

– Access to our British Dodgeball Primary Scheme of Work and Secondary Scheme of Work (usually £120/£60)
– Accreditation from British Dodgeball – official partner logo
– 50% discount on our Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Course
– 30% discount on our Level 3 Coaching Course
– 10% discount on our cloth dodgeball range
– Promotion on our partner webpage, our social media channels and through newsletters
– Access to our monthly coaching newsletter
– Support from our development team to facilitate club links in your area
– Club development and funding support for new community clubs
– The opportunity to sell British Dodgeball leaders courses for a £50 finders fee
– The opportunity to sell British Dodgeball Level 2 courses for a £100 finders fee
– Public liability insurance

Requirements of Coaches Accreditation:

– Coaches to use the correct British Dodgeball recognised equipment for dodgeball in your sessions
– Coaches to use the correct British Dodgeball rules in your sessions
– Coaches to have the British Dodgeball Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Dodgeball
– Coaches to have necessary first aid training, DBS, safeguarding and public liability insurance
– To have been approved by British Dodgeball upon completion of the application form below

Application Process:

– To sign up to Coaching Membership, just purchase the product at the checkout above.
– To apply for Coaching Accreditation please complete the application form below and we will assess your application. This form is ONLY for Coaches Accreditation Applicants and not for those purchasing Coaches Membership. Once you have been granted approval, you can make the necessary payment through the checkout above. You will be charged annually from the date you sign up to retain your Coaching Accreditation. We reserve the right to refuse individuals and companies that do not satisfy the required criteria. Please read our full membership terms and conditions for more information.


You only need to complete this for is you are applying for Coaching Accreditation. You do NOT need to complete the below form if you are applying for the £20/yr ‘Coaches Membership’.

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