British Dodgeball is actively recruiting new referees from both within and outside the dodgeball community. We are recruiting referees across all areas of the UK to support the ever growing demand for dodgeball events at all age groups.

How does refereeing work with British Dodgeball?

The British Dodgeball team allocates you to referee at adult, university and junior events at competitions in your regions which you highlight availability for. This is a paid role, remunerated at a rate of £10/hour with travel expenses.

Why become a British Dodgeball event referee?

What better way to earn money is there than one that allows you to have fun whilst supporting a sport you love? This is a role officiating a fun, fast and dynamic sport. We have a strong culture of promoting fair play and respect to referees and other players via our Dodgeball Code. This is a paid role with travel expenses for longer journeys covered also, with many referees earning approximately £90/day. You can work as often as you like at events which suit your schedule.

What training is necessary?

An online course and a shadowing session working with a referee mentor. The full process is outlined below:

  1. In order to begin your journey as a referee, you need to complete our Introduction to Officiating Dodgeball online training course. This takes between 90 and 120 minutes to complete and can be done at a time of your convenience.
  2. Upon completion of the British Dodgeball Introduction to Officiating Dodgeball course, please complete the Work With Us form. We’ll then place you on to our Referee Development Pathway.
  3. We’ll inform you of suitable competition events in your region where you can shadow, co-referee and be observed in order to become a qualified British Dodgeball Event Referee.
  4. Once signed off, you can now get paid to officiate at events in your region & around the country.
  5. You will be invited to attend regular development webinars and be given ongoing training via the Referee Development Pathway.

Referees play a pivotal role in the enjoyment and wellbeing of players of all ages and abilities in our sport. The British Dodgeball Referee Standards have been created to support the development of match officials in the UK. These standards assist in providing high quality, constructive developmental feedback in a consistent manner across the following 5 areas: Rules Application, Game Management, Communication, Safety and Core Values.

Our Refereeing Core Values are as follows:

  1. Demonstrating a Professional Attitude
  2. Adopting a Learning Culture
  3. Understanding the Bigger Picture of how each dodgeball event and positive player experience promotes the sport in the UK
New Referee Training:
  • Complete Introduction to Officiating Online Course
  • Shadow a referee mentor & referee with support at regional events
  • Complete a referee observation at regional events
  • Join the British Dodgeball referee team & referee independently at events
Ongoing Referee Training:
  • Receive ongoing support, advice and feedback from the Referee Manager via regular referee development webinars
  • Receive tailored support, advice and feedback from your regional Referee Mentor

Referee mentors are key components of our comprehensive Referee Development Pathway. Referee mentors are experienced individuals with strong communication skills and the drive to develop the sport of dodgeball within the UK. They teach others to be accountable to the Refereeing Standards and to develop their ability to make effective decisions quickly, applying rules knowledge and interpersonal skills to real-life situations more effectively.

There is one referee mentor allocated to each region of the UK, and each acts as a focal point for that region. They conduct referee training and are on hand in an informal capacity to clarify rules, offer advice and act as a link between British Dodgeball and referees.

More information is available in the document below:

To apply to join the Referee Mentor team, please visit the Work With Us page.

Referee Mentors

Coming soon!

As part of our commitment to developing university dodgeball in addition to supporting the growth of our workforce, we provide the following offer to universities:

  • Free access for 2 individuals from each institution annually to complete the Introduction to Officiating Dodgeball online course.
  • Free training of those 2 individuals so they can become British Dodgeball Event Referees by accessing the Event Referee Training Pathway.

What does British Dodgeball want in return for free access to this course?

Firstly, we grow our national workforce of paid event referees, meaning we can better offer competitive opportunities for all players in the UK. Secondly, we ask that anyone undergoing this process cascades the rules and roles knowledge they receive to all of their fellow players at their university. The hope is that if this is done effectively, we will have university teams who are more aware of their duties as assistant referees, leading to a fairer and more enjoyable game for all.

How do I apply for this free training offer?

Simply complete the form on our Work With Us page

British Dodgeball recommend that all competitive dodgeball matches are officiated by 2 main referees and 4 assistant referees for all age groups aged U15 and upwards.

Being an assistant referee is an extremely important job in dodgeball, because you have a direct impact on the game you officiate. This Role of Referees document and video below have been created to help you understand the positioning and roles of main referees and assistant referees, and cover some frequently asked questions.

Do you have comments on our event referees? Please submit both positive and constructive feedback about our referees using the form below. We will use this information to:

  • Provide specific feedback to referees
  • Structure referee training sessions to target specific issues
  • Celebrate referees who are doing a great job at facilitating the sport we all love

Please note: This form is for referee development purposes only. If you wish to comment on how a refereed implemented a certain rule, then you’re in the right place. If however, you feel that you were victim of harassment or abuse from a referee and feel they acted contrary to our Code of Conduct, then please submit an official complaint through the process outlined in our Complaints Policy.

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