School Competitions

Our School Competition offer for dodgeball has been put together to support as many children as possible to play dodgeball at a competition or festival that enables them to benefit the most.

We have been working in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to support the network of School Games Organisers deliver an inclusive dodgeball festival that children will benefit from.

We are also entering the 3rd year of our School Competitions Pathway that has developed from a standalone Championship in 2019 to what we hope will be multiple regional championships followed by a National Championship Final in 2021. These competitions are separate from the School Games and are ran entirely by British Dodgeball staff, referees and club leads.

Our ambition for the 2021/22 school year is to host 43 Regional School Championships, one in each Active Partnership Area, across England that will culminate with a National Final at a centralised venue. Our plans at this stage are to host all events in the Spring and Summer term as long as restrictions around the coronavirus pandemic are eased at it is safe for all participants and staff.

We also have plans to introduce School Competitions in other areas of the UK when it is safe to do so and the demand is there. If you are interested in a school competition in your region please get in touch with our Youth Development Manager [email protected]

Working alongside the Youth Sport Trust and their network of School Games Organisers we have developed our School Games offer in order to benefit inclusivity and increase participation.

The aim of School Games Dodgeball Festival is to ensure all children taking part are given an equal opportunity to play, to represent their school as part of a team, to enjoy the experience and learn.

British Dodgeball staff are available to support School Games Organisers and Active Partnerships to deliver the School Games events and provide leadership training for students and volunteers. To find out more please get in touch with our Youth Development Manager [email protected].

The School Games Dodgeball Festival will not have any winners or losers. There will however be some awards presented in line with the School Games Values. See below for more details on the School Games Dodgeball Festival rules & format.

School Games Festival Rules

School Games Festival Format

We have also developed an easy to follow guide for delivering a School Intra Bubble Competition.

Class Bubble Event

British Dodgeball