Dodgeball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK with Active Lives data ranking dodgeball as the 4th most participated sport in English schools and the 5th in Welsh schools. Dodgeball in schools is also in high demand with 33% of children expressing a desire to play more dodgeball than they are currently playing, higher than any other sport.

At British Dodgeball we want to provide school teachers, school coaches, students and leaders with the necessary tools to deliver dodgeball. We want to put a platform in place that enables dodgeball to grow within schools and across the United Kingdom.

Dodge Start is a new resource to help you start each day with some dodgeball fun!

Read below for information on resources, equipment, membership, competitions, challenges and training.

In this section you will find information on the correct equipment to use, the rules to play and resources to get you started with dodgeball at your primary school. You will also find the link to our schools competition pathway with over 30 events available to enter.

To play dodgeball safely and correctly at school in any setting you need to be using the correct equipment. We only recommend size 1 foam dodgeballs for primary schools.

Primary School Competitions

Our School Competition offer for dodgeball has been put together to support as many children as possible to play dodgeball at a competition or festival that enables them to benefit the most.

We have been working in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to support the network of School Games Organisers deliver an inclusive dodgeball festival that children will benefit from. To compliment this inclusive offer we are running a series of County Schools Championships.

Entries into our County Schools Championships are now open. The 2022/23 dodgeball season will see British Dodgeball expand their successful Primary School Championships pathway to allow more children to enjoy playing dodgeball. The County Primary Schools Championships are open to children in year 6 but children in younger years can attend at the discretion of the competing school.

Find out more by visiting our Schools Competitions page

Primary Lesson Plans

Our comprehensive dodgeball lesson plans are designed by PE experts and offer a detailed scheme of work consisting of 6 lesson plans per year group. Lesson plans are accompanied by up to 3 instructional videos and 5 printable resources, and use methods that will challenge and support pupils in order to enhance their learning.

Our lesson plans offer progressive drills and skill based activities that are in line with the PE National Curriculum with a specific focus on one or more of Physical, Social, Problem Solving or Tactical skills. You will find 3 levels of assessment for each lesson that are split into emerging, expecting and exceeding criteria so that pupils can be assessed accurately and easily.

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In this section you will find information on the correct equipment to use, the rules to play and resources to get you started with dodgeball at your secondary school. You will also find a map which shows which schools in your area are looking to play dodgeball fixtures with other secondary schools.


To play dodgeball safely and correctly at school in any setting you need to be using the correct equipment. We recommend size 2 and size 3 cloth balls for secondary schools. Size 2 cloth dodgeballs are suitable for under 15’s and under 13’s (secondary school) and size 3 cloth dodgeballs are suitable for adults and under 17’s (secondary school).

Secondary School Competitions

The 2022/23 dodgeball season will see British Dodgeball launch our first ever National Secondary Schools Championships. These championships are for children in years 7 & 8. Find out more by visiting our Schools Secondary Competitions page..

Lesson Plans

The British Dodgeball Secondary Scheme of Work is designed to teach Physical Education in Secondary Schools through dodgeball-based activity. The scheme of work contains one unit of 6 lessons for Lower KS3, Upper KS3 and KS4 which have been designed in line with the National Curriculum (2014), and has been created to aid teachers in teaching a broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum. The first unit has been developed to introduce, consolidate and build upon learning contained in the KS2 British Dodgeball Primary Scheme of Work which pupils may not have completed. The upper KS3 and KS4 units build upon the previous to form a spiral curriculum (Bruner, 1960).

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To view all our training opportunities both online and in person visit the coaching section of our website.

Dodge Five Series
These resources offer plenty of skills and drills ideas for your dodgeball sessions.

Dodge Five Activity Cards
Dodge Five Remixed Activity Cards
Dodge Five Game On Activity Cards
Dodge Five Dodgefit Activity Cards
Dodge Five @Home Activity Cards

Education Packs
These cross-curricular lessons allow you to integrate dodgeball into the curriculum and are differentiated to provide a suitable challenge for 5-13 year olds.
Education pack – English
Education pack – Maths
Education pack – Foundation Subjects

The Dodgeball Code Resources
The Dodgeball Code
The Dodgeball Code certificate

Other Resources
Inclusive Activity Guide
Primary School Dodgeball Day Guidance Booklet
Dodgeball Match Scorecard

British Dodgeball School Awards

British Dodgeball is proud to support grassroots dodgeball across the UK. This sport has the ability to revolutionise the health of the UK’s young people in times that are difficult for health. The role of school physical education is more important than ever. Thousands of schools offer dodgeball to the delight of so many young girls and boys. Each year we ask you to nominate and vote for your school as a part of our school awards.

2023/24 School Award Winners
All schools that were nominated are doing amazing work in helping to grow the game of dodgeball. The energy of the teachers and coaches helps provide fantastic opportunities for children to play the game, develop as young leaders, represent the school, lead a healthy and active life as well as having fun! Congratulations to all the Schools!

Primary School Winners

2019 – Lawford Mead Primary School, Essex

2022 – Grange Farm Primary School, Leeds

2023- Cloverlea Primary School, Manchester

Secondary School Winners

2022 – Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, Leeds 

2023 – Chellaston Academy, Derby

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