Junior Dodgeball Challenge

Welcome to our junior dodgeball challenge for March 2021 – Your Dodgeball Highlight

The challenge is open to anyone under the age of 18 and the closing date to enter the challenge is the 31st March. The videos will be judged by British Dodgeball staff on Thursday April 1st.

How to Participate
Submit your favourite dodgeball clip featuring yourself or a group from your school/club. This can be anything from a dodgeball game to practice in the garden. The clip should be no longer than 20 seconds. All videos should be submitted to [email protected] or sent to us via our Facebook page. Players can submit as many entries as they like throughout the month. Balls can be of any variety such as a dodgeball, football, tennis ball or even a rolled-up pair of socks.

Equipment Required
Dodgeballs or suitable alternatives

How to enter your clip
Submit your video for us to judge by emailing [email protected], send it to us via Facebook or tag us on social media @britdodgeball. You can enter more than once. Each entry should be submitted with the school or club name, and/or the initials of the individual featured in the clip. All entries received will be listed in the table below in no particular order.

The video that is voted as the winner will receive 5 cloth dodgeballs representing each of the 5 national dodgeball teams of Great Britain, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Every player that is voted into the top 10 of the videos submitted will receive a surprise free gift.


Junior Dodgeball Challenge

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