Primary School Challenge – Target Throw

Welcome to the first of our Primary School Monthly Dodgeball Challenges. For October & November 2020 the challenge is ‘Target Throw’ and is for children in Key Stage 2 in England & Wales, P4-6 in Scotland and Primary 4-7 in Northern Ireland. We will be releasing a different challenge each month or every 2 months with variations in age group and skill.

Please note we have decided to extend our Target Throw challenge to finish at the end of November due to schools struggling with opportunities to complete the challenge based on extended half term holidays and self isolation of some year groups or classes.

Here’s how to play:

From a distance of 6m each player must throw one dodgeball at a time in order to try and hit as many targets as they can within 30 seconds. Each player gets 1 throw with their ball. The ball must hit the cone directly, it cannot bounce first.

Equipment Required
5 children, 5 tall cones, 5 dodgeballs, floor marking tape or floor markers

Set Up
– Place the 5 tall cones approximately 2ft apart along a bench.
– Place floor marking tape or floor markers 6m away from the bench. This is where the players will be throwing from.
– Give 1 ball to each of the 5 players behind the marking tape or marker ready to use.
– Set your timer for 30 seconds.
– Make sure someone is ready to record your effort.
– Go!

How to enter your score.
Submit your video for us to verify your entry by emailing [email protected] or tag us on social media @britdodgeball. You can enter more than once but only the top result for each school that enters will be shown in the table below.

The ‘time’ column shows the time taken to complete the challenge up to a maximum of 30 seconds. If you managed to knock over all 5 cones in less than 30 seconds the time shown in this column will reflect that. If you did not manage to knock over all 5 cones then your time will automatically be 30 seconds.

The ‘score’ column shows the number of cones knocked over.

The school with the best score and top of the table at the end of November will be the winner. We will be providing 6 size 1 foam dodgeballs to the winning school.

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Primary School Challenge – Target Throw

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4Ward End Primary School – Birmingham301
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