School Challenge – Balance Catch

Welcome to our next school challenge and this one is open to both Primary and Secondary schools. For December and January the challenge is ‘Balance Catch’ and you have the opportunity to win some great prizes for your school.

Closing date to enter the Balance Catch challenge will be the 31st January 2021.

Here’s how to play:

From a distance of 6m a player must throw one dodgeball at their partner. The partner is aiming to catch the ball. After each successful catch a bean bag is placed on the head of the catcher which must be balanced on themselves at all times during the challenge. For example, if you make 2 successful catches you will have 2 bean bags to balance, 3 successful catches means you will have 3 bean bags to balance, and so on. Once a bean bag falls from your head the challenge is over and your total score is the number of successful catches made. You can attempt the challenge as many times as you like.

Equipment Required
2/3 children, 1 dodgeball, bean bags.

Set Up
– The catcher and thrower should be 6m apart.
– Give 1 ball to the thrower.
– You can use an additional helper to place the bean bags on the catcher.
– Make sure someone is ready to record your effort.
– Go!

How to enter your score.
Submit your video for us to verify your entry by emailing [email protected] or tag us on social media @britdodgeball. You can enter more than once but only the top result for each school that enters will be shown in the table below.

The ‘score’ column shows the number of successful catches made.

The highest ranking primary and secondary school in the table below at the end of January will be the winner. We will be providing 6 size 1 foam dodgeballs to the winning primary school and 5 size 2 cloth dodgeballs to the winning secondary school.

Useful Links

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School Challenge – Balance Catch

1A Primary School4
2Example Primary School3
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