The Dodgeball Survey 24 Report

The Dodgeball Survey 2024 was open for responses for 4 weeks through May 2024. The main aims of the survey were to:

  • Learn more about the current makeup of our dodgeball community.
  • Gather feedback on the provision of dodgeball in the UK, including details on competitions, the community’s desired development goals and volunteering.
  • Gather feedback on current rules in order to gain more insight into player, referee, coach and spectator views.

We welcomed respondents from a wide range of background in order to hear from more people and subsequently learn more about the landscape of the sport in the UK. We would like to thank everyone that took time to complete the survey and help us learn more about your involvement in dodgeball and your views on the sport; this information will help us to continue to develop the sport to encourage people from all ages and backgrounds to Come Join In!

The report contains statistics, respondents’ feedback and our responses for how we’ll use the supplied information to develop dodgeball in the future. You can read the full report below:

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