Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Dive into British Dodgeball Leadership Awards

In Dodgeball, leadership and teamwork form the bedrock of success. The British Dodgeball Junior Leaders Award and the Leaders Award are exemplary courses designed to cultivate these essential attributes in the youth. Priced at £265, with an optional Tutor Resource at £50 for the Junior Leaders Award, these courses are structured to impart crucial skills such as planning, delivering, communication, and teamwork among young enthusiasts aged 11 to 18. For more information, you could access our link at

The Junior Leaders Award, tailored for younger participants, focuses on nurturing the ability to plan and execute, alongside fostering impeccable communication and teamwork skills. The culmination of this course can be tailored to meet the schools’ objectives, potentially manifesting in the organisation of a festival, supporting school games events, or assisting a senior coach or teacher in conducting dodgeball sessions.

On the other hand, the British Dodgeball Leaders Award, spread over a span of 2-3 hours, is adaptable to various school or community groups’ needs. Under the tutelage of experienced instructors, participants delve into essential topics like health & safety, dodgeball rules, basic skills, communication, and differentiating activities, all while enjoying the exhilarating game of dodgeball and exploring new, inclusive games.

Case Study: James’ Journey
The narrative of James, a young dodgeball enthusiast, exemplifies the profound impact that such leadership courses can have on individuals. Having embarked on his dodgeball journey from the tender age of a first-grader, James’ enthusiasm for the sport was unwavering.

His early exposure with dodgeball transitioned into representing his primary school team in local and national competitions, and later, the community-based Eden Dodgeball Club. His zeal led him to a crowning moment in 2022 when he, along with his under 11’s team, clinched the Junior British Championships title.

As James approached the culmination of his primary school journey, he seized the opportunity to further hone his leadership skills by undertaking the British Dodgeball Junior Leaders Award. The skills acquired during this program significantly contributed to his evolution as a leader and a well-rounded individual. His newly acquired ability to plan, communicate effectively, and work as part of a team were immediately put to the test in 2023 during the Cumbria School Games.

Entrusted with the dual responsibility of a captain and coach for his school team, James showcased remarkable leadership. The essence of the event was to encourage participation among the non-sporty and first-time school representatives, particularly from the SEND group at Caldew School. James’ leadership was instrumental in guiding his team both on and off the court as they navigated through their debut dodgeball matches.

Mrs. Etheridge, a PE teacher at Caldew School, encapsulated the sentiment of the day, lauding James as a remarkable role model. “What a role model James has been today, they listen to him more than they listen to me, we couldn’t be prouder of him and it shows the learning he has had playing and leading this sport at school and for his club.”

James’ journey underscored the pivotal role such structured leadership programs play in nurturing young leaders. His story serves as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for other young individuals passionate about not only dodgeball but any sport, showcasing the boundless opportunities awaiting them in the realms of leadership and personal development.

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