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We have a comprehensive training pathway in place which facilitates the training of confident dodgeball event referees using a mentoring system. Event referees are paid for their services – to apply to become an event referee, please complete the form below.

As part of our commitment to developing university dodgeball in addition to supporting the growth of our workforce, we provide the following offer to universities:

  • Free access for 2 individuals from each institution annually to complete the Introduction to Officiating Dodgeball online course.
  • Free training of those 2 individuals so they can become British Dodgeball Event Referees by accessing the Event Referee Training Pathway.

Why become a British Dodgeball event referee?

What better way to earn money is there than one that allows you to have fun whilst supporting a sport you love? This is a role officiating a fun, fast and dynamic sport. We have a strong culture of promoting fair play and respect to referees and other players via our Dodgeball Code. It is a paid role with travel expenses for longer journeys covered also, with many referees earning approximately £100/day. You can work as often as you like at events which suit your schedule.

How long does the training take until I can get paid to work as a referee?

This depends on your availability and ability as a referee upon receiving mentorship & training. The Introduction to Officiating Dodgeball takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete and can be done at a time of your convenience. From there, you contact and arrange a suitable event to shadow and co-referee with a referee mentor. Depending on your proficiency, you’ll either be signed off to begin work immediately or you’ll have the opportunity to receive another session of training before you start your role.

How do I apply for this training offer?

Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch:

We are always looking to work with people that are passionate about dodgeball. If you are interested in working as an event referee, event coordinator or coach education tutor, please fill out the form below.

If your strengths lie elsewhere and are interested in volunteering with British Dodgeball in another role (such as media, marketing or digital production), please let us know by emailing

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