CJI Funding Award – York Dodge (Club In Progress)

Leeds Dodge members, Nick Garland & Megan McGowan (with the help of Jess & Ted Goshawk-Dumbrell) are creating a satellite club in York using our #ComeJoinIn Funding and hope to be set up and ready for the New Year. Find out how the British Dodgeball CJI Funding Award has helped them, what made them start this new club and their aspirations for the future. Meet the Club In Progress, York Dodge.


When did this start?
“Ideas began to circulate about this club early in the summer, but over the past six weeks arrangements have been solidified and Nick and I (Meg) are now obtaining the required qualifications to coach the club. We hope to begin training just after Christmas.”

Why are you setting up this club?
“Members of Leeds Dodge travel from afar (York, Malton, Middlesbrough and Hull, etc) to train/ play but with the rising costs of travel, these members cannot attend training as often as they would like to. Thus, we are aiming to create a new club to attract players from the North East and double the opportunities that current Leeds Dodge members have to train. Further, Nick and I have helped to run the University of York Dodgeball Club for the past four years and we are keen to expand the club, by combining it with the Leeds Dodge satellite club which will heighten the level of training and hopefully encourage more students into regional dodgeball.”

Do you have any information on the location of the venue/training times?
“The short answer is no, we are currently struggling to confirm venue times and locations. At present, this is our limiting factor.”

How are you finding the experience so far?
“We’re now limited by venue availability which is frustrating, everything else is in place and we are eager to get started!”

Are you hoping for the club to be a social or competitive club?
“Hopefully both. Although only social at first as, initially, members who trained at York Dodge but wanted to play competitively would also need to train and play for Leeds Dodge.”

What members would you like to attract?
“Everyone is welcome, but we are aiming specifically to bridge the gap between university and club dodgeball.”

Who will be running sessions/coaching?
“Nick and Meg with help from existing Leeds Dodge coaches.”

Where do you hope to see the new club in the next 1-3 years?
“For the club’s first year, we will be feeding into the Leeds Dodge teams, but we hope to eventually establish York Dodge in competitive dodgeball in their own right.”

How easy was it to apply for CJI Funding and how has it helped?
“It was very easy to apply for. Without this it would not be possible to start the club.”

Any final comments or messages?
“We’re looking forward to growing the dodgeball community in and around York and partnering with the University of York Dodgeball Club.”


We would like to say a massive thank you to Nick & Meg for taking the time to talk to us and giving us an insight into their new club, the work they are putting in and how our #ComeJoinIn Funding Award has helped them. Good luck with finalising your venue and we can’t wait to see how York Dodge grows!

We love supporting new clubs and our ComeJoinIn Funding Award allows us to do just that. If you are looking to set up a new club, then make sure you get in touch via hello@britishdodgeball.com or head to our dedicated ComeJoinIn Page for more information.

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