The British Dodgeball Code of Conduct
All dodgeball players have a duty to ensure they play by the rules and uphold themselves to the highest standards. Highly competitive play is encouraged but should never be displayed as cheating. If you respect your opponents, respect your officials and the decisions they make, then you respect the spirit of the dodgeball. This will increase the integrity of the sport and the joy of play for all.
Code of Conduct

The Dodgeball Code
The Dodgeball Code has been developed as an accessible and summarised version of British Dodgeball’s Code of Conduct. It is one of the most important aspects of dodgeball. It is about fair play, respect and sportsmanship.
The Dodgeball Code – printable resource
The Dodgeball Code – certificate

The Rules Committee consists of staff members and club volunteers who care about the integrity of the sport of dodgeball.

Rules Committee

British Dodgeball has an ongoing commitment to ensure the standards of honesty and officiating remains high in our sport so that dodgeball is accessible and enjoyable to all. As of the 22-23 season, we collect information on teams’ adherence to the Dodgeball Code and assistant refereeing performance in addition to collecting feedback about our event referees. This has been specifically designed to aid the development of dodgeball behaviour standards and officiating quality on a long term basis and not to make teams or referees feel monitored or judged from one-off performances.

Post-Match Ratings

After every British Dodgeball event match, we will collect information on a team’s adherence to the Dodgeball Code as well as the performance of the assistant referees. This is explained in the following document:

Post Match Ratings System

Referee Feedback

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